Welcome to the WWP Blog

pop art printer's ornament 2012 has already been a year of experimentation at the WWP, particularly with new forms of outreach. In that spirit, we’re happy to start this project blog as a way to bring together all of our announcements, calls for participation, notes on project activities and updates, and snapshots from inside Women Writers Online, all in one place.

Watch this space as well for some new kinds of material: in particular, we’re looking forward to giving readers a look “under the hood” of the WWO publication, with a series of posts about the information lifecycle of WWP texts and how they get from the book to the screen. We’ll also be recruiting guests to talk about their research and teaching experiments, or to post short pieces on specific texts, authors, and themes that connect with WWO. If you’re interested in contributing, please contact us.

We welcome your comments and suggestions—thanks for reading!